The artists on this playlist and their music represent nothing less than the very best Venture Artists creating music today. Each of them has a fully-mature, self-aware, unique sound that pushes the boundaries of music today. When you listen to this playlist, keep in mind that each of these artists has the skill to not only create absolutely incredible music, but to engineer and produce their music at a very high level. All the best to each of these artists/bands and we look forward to hearing many more amazing tracks in the future from each of them.

If you like what you hear, please share this with others to provide these artists a broader audience, who I’m sure will enjoy their incredible music.

Look for video interviews with these artists in the coming weeks. The following interviews have occurred and will be published within the next week.

Artist Interview: Shelby Merry – Posting 8/13

Artist Interivew: Honest Haloway – Posting 8/19

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