Kabellion: Best Mainstream Indie Releases – 6/30/15

One of the best indie release weeks in a while as there aren’t any megaband releases like Muse to distract from the new innovative greatness that overflows this week. The artists are also reaching deep into the more experimental styles, so there’s not much guitar rock in this week’s recap. Enjoy the blending of genres/styles!

The playlist below only contains one track from each of these artists. For the complete playlist of all selected tracks by artist, CLICK HERE.


Kabellion – Best Real Indie Bands of the Week – 6/25/15

This week the real independent bands are absolutely amazing, putting out indie music on par with that of any established label. That being the case and that they’ve done it on their own makes these artists some of the most talented musicians around. Take a listen and be blown away by their awesomeness!!!

Kabellion – Complete Playlist Picks – June 2015, Week 1

Below is the complete playlist of Kabellion picks for week 1 of June 2015. This list is meant to help you sift through the 500+ albums that were released this week and help you find only those songs that we think are worthy of your time. Take what you will and leave the rest and as always, let us know your thoughts by commenting.