About Kabellion

Kabellion is dedicated to REAL Indie Artists and surfacing their talent to fans of great music. Every week we showcase one or more songs from the new release of a Venture Artist (VA). Independent doesn’t quite do these artists justice as everything today is called Indie and these artists deserve the credit of creating these works out of their passion for their craft.

Additionally, we feel that its important to NOT call artists “Unsigned” because that infers that their music is incomplete in its current form. To the contrary, the music of today can be produced at a high level of quality in home studios and many artists already have the raw talent needed to appeal to a broad music audience. We simply seek to serve as a vehicle to connect Artists and Fans with each other.

FOR MUSIC ARTISTS: We’re here to help you, so let us know what we can do to get your music out there.

FOR MUSIC FANS: We’re here to connect you with the music you love, so let us know how we can do a better job to connect you with the music of tomorrow.


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