The Venture Artist releases this week have us returning to a good ‘ole rock roots playlist. If you’re in the mood to get kicked in the teeth with some intense rock goodness, check out the 2nd EP by So Long Albatross. Their style is a bit like a cranked up Queens of the Stone Age meets Wolfmother.

For a synth-rock track that will get you grooving, check out the lead track in the playlist, Insane by Everyday Animals. Their style eludes immediate comparison to another act, but they are cleanly in the synth influenced indie-rock genre with a built in rap-ey (not actual rap) vocal rhythm.

A unique truly unique track has Wilhelm Brothers showing off at the helm of a cello in the song Bright Side of the Moon, which is rare instrumental spotlight, even in the indie-folk renaissance going on right now.

The track Shadows by Social Club provides us with some inspiration in closing out the playlist with another indie-rocker that vocally harkens back to the 90’s grunge vocal aesthetic, but musically stops short of throwing us back into the 90s in our plaid shirts and greasy hair. It’s a unique mix of styles that has us at home, yet stretches the borders of what we know, as all good new music does.

These are all epic bands and they prove it this week with phenomenal tracks. If you like any of the bands featured in our playlist this week, check out their full releases and let ‘em know how great they are – they deserve it as they’re truly incredible!